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Tips for Painting Door and Wall Trim

Nothing makes a room look as refreshed and clean as a fresh coat of paint on the wall and door trim. While we love the look of newly painted trim, actually painting it can feel overwhelming. Luckily, there are several things you can do to optimize your trim painting experience. Read on to learn some tips on how to best paint your door and wall trim.

All About Trim

According to InteriorsPlace.com, trim is a “general term used to describe the material around openings, such as windows and doors, or at the corners between walls and ceilings or at floor intersections.” There are many types of trim that are used within residential structures, such as crown molding, baseboard, chair rail, and picture rail. Each of these types of molding serve a unique purpose. For example, picture rail trim is used to hang art without damage to the walls and baseboards are used to protect the walls from kicks and other potential damage. Because trim can be quite dimensional in nature, painting it can feel daunting. Luckily, we will help break down some tips and tricks in the section below to ensure you feel good about your trim painting work.

Door and Wall Trim Painting Tips

Some tips for painting trim are:

Prep the Room Accordingly

Similar to painting walls, trim painting requires significant room preparation. Taking the appropriate cautionary steps, such as moving furniture away from the trim, will ensure the cleanliness of your home all together. You can also place drop cloths around and protect carpet with masking tape placed between the baseboard and carpeting. 

Tape the Trim

You’ll also want to use painter’s tape to protect the wall or flooring that is touching the trim. You can even double up on your tape strips to make a wider covered area to ensure even more protection.

Ensure the Trim is Clean

Trim naturally gets dirty, so you’ll want to clean the trim before starting your project. Use a sponge to get dirt off.

Spend Time Sanding

Once you’ve allowed the trim to dry from being cleaned, you should also look to sand the trim down. The best trim painting comes from having a flat, uniform surface, which sanding can help to achieve. If there are any holes, do ensure they get patched.

Prime the Trim

Priming is a critical step in most trim painting jobs. Because trim is often so porous, paint can be easily soaked up by the pores on the trim. Priming helps to ensure your paint goes on better and is not soaked up so easily.

Use Quality Paint

You’ll also want to ensure you use a good paint that is meant for trim. Most will say “for trim” on the can. Consult a painting professional if you’re unsure of the right paint for you.

Slap, Don’t Wipe

When you have dipped your brush and are looking to get rid of excess paint, slap it against the inside of the can. This helps to ensure consistency in how much paint is across your brush, which will ultimately help it go on more evenly.

Take Your Time

Trim painting is challenging, so ensure you take your time. Taking your time will ensure less drippage and overall more even coverage on your trim.

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