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How To Prep Your Home for Professional Painters

Why Do I Have to Prep?

If you are looking to hire professional painters for your home, you will first need to consider a few things. These things include the time the work will be done, the colors and areas of your house to get painted, and the prep work. But hold on a second, prep work?

That’s right. Unless you want to paint all over your furniture and clothes, there are some things you need to consider. But this prep goes beyond just paint and clothes. It is the totality of things that needs to be done so that the work can begin. In this article, we will be showing you how to get your home set up and ready for professional painters.

How To Get Your Home Set Up and Ready for Professional Painters

Before you get your painting work done, you will want to prep your home accordingly. Here are some steps to take to make sure the painting process goes well.

Remove Appliances and Electronics

Appliances or electronics such as television sets, gaming systems, refrigerators, and so on should be removed or covered before beginning work. Electronics and appliances tend to be expensive items that can get ruined by paint. If you don’t have any coverings, contact your painting team, and they will be able to provide some.

Move or Cover Your Furniture

Small furniture covering such as coffee tables should be moved out of the way, whereas larger objects that can’t be moved should get covered. In addition, certain types of furniture are not practical to move, such as large couches and beds.

Remove All Wall Hangings

Wall hangings and decorative pieces can obstruct the painting process when your painter is working. Carefully remove all obstructions and put them into storage while your home is getting painted. Wrap them in bubble wrap to ensure they will not break.

Prep and Clean Walls

Many people believe that they shouldn’t clean their walls before they get painted because they will “just get painted over” anyways. However, that is false. Dust, dirt, or stains can emerge themselves onto walls over time. When painters try to paint over any debris, it could potentially affect the new paint job and have it not come outright. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to take a wet rag and wipe down your walls ahead of time.

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