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What are the must have painter tools?

What Are The Must Have Painter Tools

Painters rely on their tools and quality materials to get the job done right. Having the proper tools makes all the difference when it comes to interior and exterior painting.

If you have low-quality tools, you run the risk of needing to repair or redo your paint job prematurely. If you don’t have the painter tools you need at all, your project will keep getting pushed back.

Here at Wet Paint LLC, we know that finding, choosing, and validating each tool can be a difficult process. So, we’ve compiled a list of must-haves for any type of painting project. Here are the top seven must-have painter tools for any DIYer or professional painter.

1. Paint Roller

For large and far-reach areas of an interior painting project, a paint roller is the way to go. The extended arm will help you reach tough areas and cover more ground than with a brush.

2. Paint Brush

A painter’s toolkit also should include a paintbrush. This painter tool will allow you to paint areas that need more focused attention, like molding and trim. It will also help you to cut borders around areas like windows and the baseboard to keep paint from splattering on them unnecessarily.

3. Spackle

Cracks and imperfections in your wall will need to be filled before painting, so keeping spackle or caulk on hand is a must. This will allow you to create a smooth surface for the final paint application.

4. Roller Extension

For tough-to-reach areas, a roller extension is a great painter tool to consider. Most interior painting projects will require reaching high ceilings, walls, and corners. A roller extension tool can be a cost-effective alternative to a ladder or paint gun.

5. Gallon Bucket

It’s best to mix paint outside of the original paint can. This painter tool helps painters to unify color, and manage paints all in one place. The most common sizes are two and five-gallon buckets, and depending on the size of your project, you can consider investing in both.

6.Wall Cleaner

Surface preparation is the most important step in a quality application. Poor surface cleaning can keep paint from adhering to the wall, which will cost you money to repair. A quality wall cleaner ensures you’re working with an optimized surface for painting.

7. Five In One

A five-in-one painter tool is a multipurpose tool for opening paint cans, smoothing spackled areas, cutting paint corners, and much more. An alternative to this is a putty knife, though not all putty knives have the sharp edge for opening paint cans. Without a doubt, a five-in-one tool is a must-carry for professionals and DIYers.

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