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Top 10 Benefits Of A New Paint Job

When you think about getting a new paint job for your home’s interior or exterior, what comes to mind? Does it bring forth emotions of excitement and adventure? If not, then it should! Because getting your home painted is more than just a fresh coat of paint.

 A new paint job can affect your life and your home in so many unique and beautiful ways. Whatever your reason for wanting a new paint job for your home, you should know that it comes with additional benefits that can serve you.

By being aware of these benefits, you can optimize your creative faculties to make even better and more effective decisions when planning your next paint job. In this article, we will be looking at the top ten benefits of a new paint job for your home.

1. Increase Property Value

The first benefit of getting a fresh new coat of paint for your home is you are actually increasing your home’s resale value. Often when we make improvements on our home that increase its value, it will also be accompanied by an increased tax assessment value. However, painting rarely requires the permits and oversight that other projects do. Thus, it rarely ever gets considered in tax assessments until you get your home assessed, usually right before selling it. For that reason, painting is an excellent financial investment for your home.

2. Prevent Wear and Tear

Having the interior of your home painted protects your home from future damage from external forces acting against your walls. Think of a new paint job as a fresh shell being glazed over your interior. That shell can make the difference when it comes to holding up against damage and any other external forces that may come into contact with your walls. 

3. Elevate Your Mood

Did you know that a fresh paint job can boost your mood? That’s right! Our emotional states are very sensitive to color, freshness, and the overall environment. So just by being in a renewed environment, your mood will become altered in a positive way.

4. Enhance Your Home’s Interior

Every home has its flaws and imperfections. The variability of these imperfections is what makes our homes unlike any other. When you renew your home’s interior, you take your functioning home, which is already unique, and add additional beauty. You are taking something that already exists, unique, and adding to it to make it better. How exciting!

5. Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

The quality of painting products has dramatically improved with improved technology. Even within a matter of years, the developments are profound. The newest materials on the market are much healthier and more efficient, which results in improved air quality. That is due to the reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds in the paint, which affect air quality.

6. Personalize Your Space

With a fresh paint job, you become the creator of your own space. You can choose the color and paint type that best suits your desired outcome. You can truly personalize your home to your needs!

7. Renew Your Home

A fresh paint job adds something new to your home and makes it better. It adds new energy into your home and creates a completely new and unique environment when you do so.

8. Enhance Your Home’s Feng Shui

The concept of feng shui has become increasingly popular in western culture in recent years. There are ideas and some evidence that suggests a relation between all objects in existence that interact to create sensations of mood, creativity, and brain activity. Getting a new paint job improves the space around you and encompasses the space you live in, making it a better environment to live in.

9. Peace of Mind

A new paint job means your paint will be in good condition for a long time which can help assure you peace of mind as you won’t need to plan on getting it repainted for a long time.

10. Boost Creativity

Did you know that certain colors can help boost your creative faculties? So, if you are looking to give your mind a nice boost, a fresh paint job can help you do that!

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