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5 Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring first became popularized in mechanics’ garages and industrial centers, but it’s quickly become a popular flooring choice for residential buildings across the country. Epoxy flooring is a two-part chemical coating that binds to concrete flooring to create a strong, colorful seal. Homeowners can protect and customize floors in their garages, laundry rooms, or the entire house with epoxy flooring. Learn more about these top five benefits of epoxy flooring that are persuading your Mesa neighbors to make the switch.

1. Protect Your Floors From Stains, Fading, and Impact Damage

One of the best parts of switching to epoxy flooring is the durability it offers. The layers of epoxy and sealant lock out stains from common chemicals, dirt, and oils. The epoxy is also scratch-resistant and won’t fade from exposure to sunlight. This doesn’t just mean the epoxy coating itself is protected from damage; it simultaneously guards the underlying concrete so it is much less likely to crack, crumble, or wear away over time. Epoxy coatings can even protect the floor from impact damage from dropped tools and weights.

2. Epoxy Floors Require Less Maintenance

Some floors require more maintenance than others. For example, stains can sink deep into carpeting and rugs. Wood floors can warp, get scratched, and lose their stain quickly. But because epoxy floors are so hard to damage, they require little to no maintenance. The floors can simply be swept. Also, because the sealant is so glossy and nonporous, spills can be mopped up without any risk of the stain absorbing into the topcoat. 

Epoxy flooring is even simpler to maintain than tile. It doesn’t have grout lines or seams that can pick up stains, mold, or mildew. 

3. Epoxy Flooring Is Safer

While epoxy flooring is glossy and has a nice, clean sheen, it’s far from slippery. Epoxy flooring can be poured with slip-resistant chemicals that make people of all ages — and wearing all types of socks and shoes — feel comfortable walking across the floors. Slip resistance is a must both in commercial buildings and residential kitchens, laundry rooms, and garages, so look for services that include this feature. Some of the different additives that make epoxy flooring slip-resistant include aluminum oxide, gravel or sand, mortar, and polymer grit.

Epoxy flooring also reflects light, so people can navigate even dimly lit rooms. As the inbuilt shininess of the floor increases, so does its reflectivity.

4. Enjoy a Completely Customized Pattern and Color Palette

Epoxy flooring can have virtually any color or combination of colors. You can choose solid colors that match your home’s existing color palette, marbled finishes that mix together multiple different colors, and a chip flake pattern that has speckles and flakes of multiple different tones. Additives like mica or quartz also add flecks of sheen and reflectivity to give your floor more depth. These colors and patterns can be installed over floors with stains and imperfections on the base layer without affecting the final look.

5. Get a Budget-Friendly Home Renovation

Epoxy flooring is a cost-effective way to improve bare concrete floors and replace your home’s existing flooring that you’re no longer in love with. Epoxy can even be installed over many existing types of flooring without the time and expense of removing it. As part of our initial consultation, we’ll give you a free quote so you can determine the right materials and features that suit your budget best.

Epoxy flooring is a popular, cost-effective choice for protecting concrete surfaces and boosting your home’s curb appeal. Request a customized quote today to learn more about the right materials and budget for your home. At Wet Paint, LLC, we’re here to help you with expert painting, epoxy flooring, and more.

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