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Bubbling Paint

Do you know what paint bubbling is? Paint bubbling, also known as paint blistering, occurs when a pocket of moisture gets between dried paint and causes it to expand and form a bubble that can break open.

When the bubbles break open, it leaves behind holes or marks and will damage your final product. Paint bubbling is to be avoided at all costs as it is a surefire way to leave noticeable imperfections on your wall.

However, before you can prevent paint bubbling, you must know what causes it because the two go hand in hand. In this article, we will be exploring what causes paint bubbling and how to fix it.

What Causes Bubbling Paint?

Bubbling paint occurs when a layer of paint does not stick correctly to the underlying surface for a variety of reasons such as temperature, humidity, surface adherence, etc. As a result, when the new layer of paint dries, moisture pockets will form underneath the paint.

When this happens, they will pop open and make holes or openings in the walls. What prevents the paint from sticking is often dirt on the wall, present moisture, or high temperatures. 

Therefore, preparing the surface properly is also essential to avoiding bubbling paint and knowing what conditions the paint may be exposed to. 

How To Fix Bubbling Paint?

To fix bubbling paint, you want to sponge off the damaged surfaces with soap and water and dry them with a rag. 

Then use a good primer to cover the stains at a suitable temperature between 45 Fahrenheit and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Next, use a putty knife to remove the paint by scraping it off gently and sanding out the less affected areas. 

Then prepare the surface using your putty knife. Use it to fill an opening in the substrate with a layer of patching compound. 

Then let the patching compound dry and sand over the patched areas with sandpaper. You can follow this by again cleaning the surface and applying primer. 

Finally, you can repaint over your surface using a brush or roller. Remember to stir the paint softly to avoid bubbles forming again. Then apply the new paint and let sit.

It is important to remember to be safe when doing these projects and plan ahead of time to prevent paint bubbling. 

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