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Geometric Wall Designs: Everything You Need To Know

Geometric Wall Designs: Everything You Need To Know

Fresh paint can really change a room and make it look new. There are plenty of fun ways you can paint a room to spruce it up, from using a fun color to trying a design out, the options are plenty. Geometric designs can be a very fun way to change the look of a room. Read on as we discuss everything you need to know before painting a geometric wall design.

What is a Geometric Design?

A geometric wall design is a wall that is painted to include certain shapes, such as triangles, squares, rectangles, and circles, to give a focal point to a room. The designs can vary from simplistic to quite complex in nature. Often, geometric walls are used for accent walls and not all 4 walls of a room.

Everything You Need To Know

If you’ve never painted a geometric wall, there are some things you might want to know before getting started:


When painting a geometric design on a wall, you’ll need several items to ensure a high-quality product. You’ll need an inspiration picture, spackle, cleaning supplies, painter’s tape, paint, paint trays, rollers, a tape measure, pencils, and patience. A straightedge, such as a ruler or a yardstick, is also a helpful tool.


Once you know what your intended design will be, begin by preparing the wall. This involves removing any uneven surfaces by sanding and cleaning the wall. Apply a primer, if you need it. Then, draw the pattern on the wall using a pencil and your straight edge and apply the painter’s tape over these lines. Once you have your painter’s tape pressed on hard, you can paint each section the intended color. Let the paint dry for several hours and remove only when the wall is completely dry. Voila! You have a painted geometric wall.

Tips and Tricks

A couple of tips will help you ensure your wall comes out perfectly. First, be sure as mentioned, to wait until the wall is completely dry before removing the tape. In addition, don’t be afraid to use a second coat. It is also critical to ensure the wall is totally clean and uniform before starting. Don’t skip spackle if your wall needs it!


For the most part, a geometric wall design should be pretty low maintenance or maintenance-free. The only thing to be aware of once you have created the design and perfected your painting is that any wall damage will require you to match the exact shade to the part of your wall. For example, if one piece that has yellow is damaged, you will need to match that exact yellow to touch it up. When touching up these designs, it is best to delicately freehand smaller areas, rather than re-tape and re-roll. 

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