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How often should you paint your house interior

How Often Should You Paint Your House Interior?

Generally speaking, you should repaint your home every seven years. Different rooms require varying levels of care. Depending on your level of use, children, and pets, you might opt for a painting project more often to keep your house looking fresh. 

Interior painting is a cost-effective way to enhance your home’s appeal. Choosing a paint color for each room is an exciting project. The right color and finish choices can also boost your home’s value. 

When Should You Refresh Your Interior Coatings?

Each room has different painting requirements for the ideal appearance. We’ve broken down a home’s interior room by room to help you better understand your needs. 

The Kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of the home where families gather. It is a high-traffic area where smoke, oil splatters, and greasy hands regularly harm your walls. Because of this room’s heavy usage, add a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen every three to four years. 

The type of paint you use in the kitchen affects how often a homeowner must paint and how easy it is to clean. Kitchens do well with a semi-gloss finish because it is durable and can be scrubbed clean without affecting your walls’ appearance.

A professional can help you decide which paint is suitable for your kitchen. 


Bathrooms are high-traffic rooms similar to kitchens and should be repainted every three to four years. Regular repainting is essential because a bathroom’s high levels of humidity and steam cause the paint to peel. 

We advise choosing durable latex paint for your bathroom to ensure longevity. Satin or semi-gloss finishes are excellent for bathrooms as they inhibit cracking and peeling. It is also beneficial to include an anti-mildew additive for further protection. 


Adult bedrooms and guest rooms have more protection against scuff marks and smudges because adults rarely touch their walls. You can repaint adult bedrooms about every seven to ten years for general upkeep. 

Children’s bedrooms require regular care. Repainting every three to four years keeps the walls from looking worn. Child activities encourage repainting regularly because of drawing on walls, sticky fingers, and scuff marks from horseplay. 

Children change as they grow and often desire to improve their personal space as their interests evolve. This development pairs well with repainting their rooms every few years. Children can express themselves by choosing new paint colors. 

Professionals prefer eggshell or satin sheens for bedrooms. They are more calming than other finishes and make the room restful. However, these finishes are more challenging to clean than semi or high-gloss finishes. 

Hallways and Living Spaces

Hallway walls undergo touching more than other areas because the walls are so close together. Pets, children, and adults all smudge hallways while walking past them, and corners get knocked on. Repaint corridors every two years for optimal appearance. 

Living rooms receive a lot of foot traffic, but because the space is for relaxing, you can repaint every five to seven years. If you have small children, bump up that timeline to four to five years or after an accident. 

Experts prefer satin for the interior painting of hallways and living rooms. It bounces light to brighten the walkway and resists smudges effectively. 

When to Call a Professional for Your Painting Project

Interior painting is a typical do-it-yourself project, but the result is generally unsatisfactory. Painting seems easy, but you should hire an expert for long-lasting and beautiful paint jobs. 

Gathering paint supplies before you start is essential. Some standard paint supplies are as follows:

  • The correct amount of primer and paint for the project. Ask a professional for advice on this topic. 
  • Paint trays and rollers
  • Drop cloths 
  • Painting tape
  • Sanding block
  • Hole repair tools

These tools are only some of the equipment you need for a job well done. Painting takes a lot of time if you are inexperienced. It’s frustrating to spend money on supplies and hours of your time only to have a suboptimal result. 

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Choosing the appropriate company for your painting needs is simple. Find a trusted company near your home with experience in the paint job you need. Then, request a quote and check their references.

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