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Is Painting Your House in Winter a Good Idea?

Is Painting Your House in Winter a Good Idea?

Winter provides the perfect conditions for the interior painting of your house. While most painting companies become busy with clients in the warmer seasons, homeowners may be pleasantly surprised at the lower prices and high availability of professional painters in the winter. Before shelling out the high costs for painting services in peak season, consider hiring professional painters during the chill of winter. 

Spring and summer seasons leave busy homeowners with outdoor projects, gardens to tend, and fences to mend, so avoid adding another task to complete when spring emerges by hiring professional painters during the winter. While the winter storm of 2019 would have undoubtedly affected exterior house painting projects, Arizona provides the perfect weather conditions for year-long painting tasks.

Continue reading to learn the pros and cons of winter house painting projects. 

Why Should You Paint Your House in Winter? 

Arizona provides ideal weather conditions for winter painting projects. The excellent humidity levels in winter allow the paint to dry faster, ultimately improving the efficiency and effectiveness of painting services. Both interior and exterior house painting projects succeed best under the right weather conditions. Latex paint provides a cost-effective, quality option for homeowners as the ideal humidity levels for latex paint to dry, 40-50% humidity, align perfectly with Arizona’s average relative humidity of 44%. 

Professional painters experience downtime during the winter, as many homeowners elect to perform interior house painting projects during the warmer months of May and July. Any job a painting company can perform in the slower months of winter benefits both the customer and the professional painting company. As demand for painting services decreases in the winter, costs decrease accordingly. Save yourself the hassle of paying premium prices for painting services by painting accent walls and your home’s interior when winter comes around. 

Home improvement projects always entail a disruption to your daily routine. Lower demand for painting services in the winter also allows faster completion of painting projects. Instead of servicing many clients at once, winter painting jobs enable contractors to focus solely on the needs of a handful of clients. The benefits of winter painting projects in Arizona far outweigh the cons, but homeowners should consider a few shortcomings of winter painting. 

Why Shouldn’t You Paint Your House in the Winter? 

Specific paint colors change color under adverse weather conditions. For example, if humidity levels reach 50 RH, protective compounds in the paint may deteriorate, leaving paint vulnerable to damage. High humidity levels also cause white and brown spots to unexpectedly appear on a coat of paint, ruining the paint and requiring costly fixes. Before starting all winter season paint projects, check the average humidity levels recorded for your town. Humidity should not negatively affect interior painting projects if it remains between 40% and 50% RH. 

If you enjoy spending more time indoors during the winter, painting projects encumber your ability to perform daily tasks and relax in your home. Especially if you require multiple walls painted and work from home, interior painting projects easily disrupt your living space. Consider waiting until spring or summer before hiring a professional painting company if you know you’ll be out of the house more often. Fresh coats of quality paint provide comfort, so you won’t need to stress yourself out waiting impatiently for professional painters to finish projects while at home. 

It may benefit homeowners to complete all their home improvement projects at once. Instead of spreading out painting projects in the winter, roof cleaning services in the summer, and landscaping maintenance in the spring, consider performing your seasonal tasks all in one season. The strategy of completing all home improvement projects at once may seem overwhelming. Still, the benefits include spending three-quarters of the year not worrying about scheduled painting services or appointments with contractors. When the warmer days of summer fade away, gain peace of mind knowing you’ve completed all your home improvement projects. 

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