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How Does Sunlight Affect Paint?

It can be so frustrating to spend hard-earned money on a home renovation, only for it to fall apart or not be what you expected after a few years. Many exterior home paint jobs are like this; they look great initially, but then end up cracked and looking not so great a few years down the line. Part of this can be poor quality materials and craftsmanship, but the sun can also have a heavy effect on how paint looks over time. Read on as we dive into how sunlight can affect the paint on your home.

How Does Sunlight Affect Paint?

Here are a few ways sunlight can affect the paint on your home or other building:


When a painted surface, such as your home’s siding, gets very hot, it can blister. This looks like small bubbles in the paint that are a result of too much heat on the surface. When these burst, they can leave patches with no paint and some with noticeably too much paint.


When walls are constantly exposed to direct sunlight, they can dull and lose their color. This is especially common in walls that face south. Bright colors, such as red, blue, and yellow, more commonly fade their colors. This can be a tricky one to spot, as not all walls will fade at the same rate and fading is a slow process that can be difficult to spot if you see the wall regularly.


Sometimes, excessive sunlight can cause cracking in your paint. This is more than not aesthetically pleasing; this can also lead to moisture leaks into your home. 


In other cases, there can be a reaction that takes place between the paint and the wall’s paint. When this happens, a chalky, dust-like material will appear. This film is not easy to remove and should typically warrant a professional’s advice.

How To Protect From Sun Damage

There are a few ways you can help protect your home from sustaining the sun damage above. First, think critically before painting about what color is best for your home. If you live in an area that is exposed to sunlight a lot of the time, then maybe a red or blue isn’t the best choice, as it will fade more quickly. Another thing to consider is the quality of paint you put on. Be sure to choose or have your contractor choose a high-quality paint to ensure a long life for the paint job. Another key to ensuring your home is protected is to keep the paint job maintained. Be proactive about issues you see before it becomes too big of a problem to fix.

Wet Paint LLC Can Help

If you have concerns about the effect sunlight might have on your home’s paint, know that we’d love to help with that. At Wet Paint LLC, we have the expertise to help your home’s paint last. We are insured and licensed, which means that you can expect professional grade work and interactions from us from start to finish with only the highest quality products. We’ve served our community for over seven years now and look forward to continuing to help our clients’ dreams become realities. 

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