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Tips for House Painting During Bitter Winter

Tips for House Painting During Bitter Winter

House painting during winter often comes with more challenges than painting during milder temperatures. Fortunately, the Wet Paint LLC team has put together our best tips and tricks to make the process easier.

Besides choosing the right paint color, painting your home’s exterior or interior requires substantial prep work and the correct tools. You’ll also need to consider the optimal environment and timing for your paint job.

In this post, we will discuss how to paint your house during winter to achieve the most beautiful, longest-lasting results. 

Ensure the Paint Has Not Expired

If you want to use paint you already have, make sure that paint has not expired. For instance, latex paints that have passed their expiration date may have lumps. For the best results, choose a paint that can handle lower temperatures. 

Ensure You Have the Right Tools

One key tip for a quality house painting job is checking that you have the right equipment. Generally, colder temperatures make the paint thicker and harder to brush on.

Fortunately, some paint brushes and rollers can better handle the thicker paint and allow you to roll it on smoothly. Experts recommend using rollers or brushes with a stiff nylon or polyester bristles for the best application.

You should always plan out the entire painting process before starting to verify you have the correct tools. Thoughtful planning ahead of time will decrease your chances of running into problems. 

Find the Right Type of Paint

When preparing for house painting in the cold, choosing the correct paint is vital. Some paints can handle lower temperatures better than others. Choosing the right paint allows for the smoothest application. 

For example, alkyd paint has a base of natural oils and resins that thickens in colder weather. While latex paints tend to freeze quickly at lower temperatures, alkyd paints typically require multiple layers during application. In contrast, latex paints require additional additives to stop them from melting. 

Know How the Temperature Will Affect the Paint

Painting your home requires some research on the optimal temperature, including how the paint will dry at that temperature. When painting in winter, start on a day with plenty of sunshine and higher temperatures. Some paints take different amounts of time to dry at certain temperatures, making the process take longer than anticipated. 

Leave Enough Time for Applying Multiple Coats of Paint

Painting the exterior of your home may take multiple days, especially if you decide to apply more than one coat. Latex paints require at least four hours of dry time before it is safe to apply an additional coat. If the temperature drops, the drying time can take even longer.

Hire a Professional Painter for Exterior and Interior Painting

While painting your house on your own may save some money, it is generally advisable to hire a professional painter. 

When considering the surface to be painted, you may not know how many coats to apply, the type of tools you need, and which paint to use. Hiring a professional painter takes all the guesswork out of these questions. You can rest assured that painting contractors have the equipment and knowledge to paint in colder temperatures.

Wet Paint LLC has a team of experienced and skilled painters ready to take on all your painting jobs. 

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