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Exterior Painting: The Effects Of Weather On Your Home

You spend a lot of time outside your home, so you want your house to look nice from the outside. Unfortunately, the most common external eyesore for your home is a damaged paint job. The exterior paint on your home can be damaged at any time from natural weather. 

Therefore, the weather has a continuous and never-ending influence on your home’s exterior paint. Considering the type of climate, you live in is crucial to choosing the best exterior paint type. The more you know about how the weather affects your home’s paint, the better equipped you are to avoid making any costly errors.

How Weather Affects Exterior Paint

If your home’s exterior paint is exposed to heavy levels of direct sunlight, highspeed winds, or heavy rain, your home is more likely to fade or chip sooner than exterior paint in mild climates. 

In addition, the two most important factors which affect your paint while it dries are temperature and humidity. For example, while extremely cold conditions may prevent paint from drying, extremely hot conditions can cause discoloration and cracking. 

If your home’s exterior paint is exposed to very high humidity, it can reintroduce water into the paint, thin it down, and lead to peeling or bubbles. In addition, if high humidity is present while drying, it can cause condensation on the paint’s surface and result in dis-adhesion and damage to your paint’s finish. 

Ideal conditions for an exterior paint project include low winds, low humidity, and mild temperature. To ensure a high-quality job is done, preparations of the surface of your home can be done before the paint is applied. 

Proper surface preparation includes a thorough cleaning of the surfaces to get rid of dirt, mold, and mildew and is usually done through pressure washing or bleach solutions and followed by scraping off as much old paint as possible. If any cracks or chips are present, they can be fixed before applying your fresh new layer of paint to your home’s exterior. 

We suggest calling in the professionals to do the job, as your home’s exterior can be damaged if not done correctly. Not to mention the expensive costs associated in fixing your exterior. Correctly doing this involves using the proper equipment and knowing how to time it right—the key to this is developing the right plan and finding the right people to execute on it. 

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