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What Is Paint Primer?

When going through a renovation of any size, it can be tempting to cut corners in order to get the project done faster or cheaper. There are many available shortcuts that can end in a good product. Unfortunately, there are also some shortcuts that can end in your project looking a bit like a DIY fail. Paint primer is one of those items that you want to look heavily into before skipping it on your next painting project. Knowing that it does cost you more money and time, it is also important to know why it is critical to many painting projects. Read on as we explore how paint primers can take your next project to the next level.

Before we can talk about when and why to use a paint primer, let’s discuss the basics: what exactly is a paint primer? Primer is a “base coat that can help treat a surface before applying a topcoat.” Many primers are followed by colored paint, which requires a primer to help the adhesion of the color being applied. Primer acts as a sealant for surfaces that potentially have “holes” or “pores” in them so that the coats that follow do not just bleed into the wall.

When Should I Use a Paint Primer?

Knowing when to use a paint primer isn’t exactly a science, but more of an art form. Primer is best used in situations such as the following:

  • When walls have been fixed or patched a good deal
  • When painting a water-dense area, such as a bathroom
  • When you are switching from a darker color to a much lighter one
  • When attempting to paint unfinished wood

How Do I Use a Paint Primer?

Using a paint primer is a pretty straightforward thing. It goes on just like regular paint, just is before the paint itself. Similar to paint, you’ll want to ensure the primer covers the entire wall so that your following coats also go on evenly and appear consistent across the wall. The most difficult part of using a primer is probably determining the number of coats. The number of coats depends on the conditions mentioned above. For example, if you’re switching from black to yellow, you might want to apply two coats. Most simple transitions from color to color of the same material will be alright with just one coat.

What About Combination Paint Primers?

Many paint manufacturers offer a combination of paint and primer. This can save you both time and money! This is often a good option, especially if your changes are not drastic. A painting professional can help determine if this is the right move for you and if it will work for your project.

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