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10 ways to stop wasting paint and save money

10 Ways To Stop Wasting Paint & Save Money

Investing in a quality paint job is a no-brainer if you want to improve your home while adding value. But it’s not so cut and dry how to manage potential costs adding up along the way.

At Wet Paint LLC, we don’t believe in cutting corners. Quality work means optimizing what’s available so that you get the maximum value in your project. So, here are ten tips to help you manage the costs of your interior painting project.

1. Opt For Water-Based Paint

Water-based latex paints are easier to clean and dispose of when compared to oil-based paints. Oil paints require solvents to break down and must be disposed of properly because of their high VOC (volatile organic compound) content. By opting for water-based paints, you reduce your impact on the environment and lessen maintenance costs for your project.

2. Reuse Old Paint For DIY Color

If you have old paint lying around, consider using it to create a new color for your painting project. Taking the DIY route will give you some leeway with reusing old products to achieve your desired look. So, instead of opting for a brand new can of paint, you can mix what you have on hand. Just make sure to mix like with like, oil with oil, and latex with latex.

3. Buy Only What You Need

Have an expert measure your walls before beginning any painting project. They will be able to give you an estimate of how much paint will be needed, which will keep you from overspending. This will reduce paint waste and save you money on the front end.

4. Use Quality Materials

Quality materials are key for any interior painting project. Investing In quality materials on the front end will keep you from paying for repaint and repair costs in the future. Though the upfront cost may be higher, it will be worth it if it helps you avoid signs of needing to repaint in the future. Quality products tend to have more longevity than their cheaper alternatives and are formulated to be more protective for your interior walls.

5. Recoat Your Roller Sparingly

One of the main benefits of a new paint job is that it can add monetary value to your home. But if you use too much paint, that negates the cost. When using your roller, make sure to use it until it begins to run dry on the wall. This will also help you to apply a more even coat on the surface, resulting in a more unified color.

6. Recycle Extra Paint

Extra paint can be used for future interior painting projects and touchups. Save money by saving any extra from your project to reuse at a later date. 

7. Keep A Strainer Close By

During a paint coat application, dust or debris may fall into your paint can. This can comprise the paint, but it’s not completely ruined. Keep a stainer close by to strain paint if this happens. This will reduce your paint waste.

8. Use Primer As Needed

Primer is an important step in ensuring paint coatings last their longest. However, many quality paint options are self-priming, which can save you money on any interior painting project. Connect with an expert to judge if self-priming paint is right for you.

9. Surface Preparation Is Key

The most crucial step in any painting process is to prepare surfaces. From cleaning to filling in nail holes with caulk, preparing your surface ensures that the paint adheres properly. This keeps you from needing to repaint down the road.

10. Go With Wet Paint LLC

Our final tip to stop wasting paint and save money is to trust the experts at Wet Paint LLC to do the job for you. The DIY route may seem like a great option, but it takes years to perfect the painting process. There are many benefits to hiring professional painters, and the main one is that we save you time and money. We’ve done that work for you and pride ourselves in providing quality interior and exterior painting services. If you want the least hassle in getting your job done and the best value for your money, go with our team at Wet Paint LLC.

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